having oil leak problems.

After getting my oil pressure/temp wired, I went ahead and drained all the oil and to my surprise the

Oil Filter Adaptor Plate from Prosport doesn't fit at all... after some attempt of moving my heatshield... the coolant line was still in the way of the adaptor... at this point i called it quits being really mad and frustrated.

I guess in the process something went wrong because....

I put my synthetic 5w30 in there, went out around the block... came back noticed oil was burning. I saidprobably residual oil dripping." I look under and oil was dripping out like mad.

I turn it off quickly, call my buddies and they help me push up to my garage with a pan under it. I lost over half the new oil and we had to go back to spray the oil tracks leading to my home.

Our assessment is that it isn't the oil filter and that it's the blue thing above, but without any sort of light we called it quits.

Any inputs at all? I'm going to bed... hope this is enough info...