Sorry if this isnt the correct place, but Im having a problem with my mechanic.

We had some work done on the right rear suspension of a 2002 WRX AWD (wagon). Before the work the car felt great, there was just a funny sound coming from the RR after my wife had a small accident in the rain.

After getting the car back however, the car had a huge torque steer problem. Give it gas and the thing yaws heavily to the left. Feels like Im driving a boat now. Took it back and told them there was a problem, they gave me some speil about motor mounts and alignment, and said they would look at it.

They then claimed they fixed it by alignment and rotation of the tires, and re-centering the steering wheel.

After driving it again, the problem was indeed better but the torque steer was still there.

Considering that it wasnt there AT ALL before the work they did, what could be the causes of this? Did they just compensate for some other problem by the alignment and rotation?

Any ideas or suggestions anyone?

Thank you!