Ok here is a quick run down of my car to help figure proper diagnostic. I have an 03 WRX with Utech piggy back, vf34 turbo with 20psi peak boost, sti I-cooler, pink injectors, act clutch kit with lightened flywheel, ect...

I know because the lightened flywheel it kicks a check light because of the weight difference and it reads misfire on my diagnostic tool.

Well my car now has 53,000mile on it and im starting to think that now it really does need new plugs because it read that cylinder 1,3,4 misfired and it is starting to run rough during the start up and it throws a check engine light. This happens on the start up and it doesn't seem to missfire when im actually driving.

I have NGK plugs in there now but im not exactly sure what kind. What type would u guys rec. and at what gap? or is this just my flywheel throwing missfire codes