I recently installed my methanol injection kit and tuned the car for higher boost. had no problems for a few days.
BTW 2002 WRX 90k miles, VF30, pinks, supporting, etc...

coming home from work one day i noticed a ticking noise coming from the engine: RPM dependant seeming to come from the heads(both).

I checked the oil and there are no metal shavings. I topped it off and started the engine. It made the sound for a second then it went away. Now when I rev it up it clicks a few times after i let off.

Should I drop the oil pan to see if perhaps the pickup is dirty? I have heard of that happenning to the 02 from somewhere. What else could the problem be?

My understanding of rod knock is that it will not go away like lifter tick.
I will make a video to try to capture the noise a bit better.