i blew my motor about a week ago so im pretty pissed im without a car n i need some help with what everyone thinks is the best way to go i went to presicion tunning a local tunning shop by me n talked to them they say i should go with a sti shortblock that they build n change a few things but i have an 03 wrx so id have to get an 06-07 sti trans cause the rear matches up with mine but its about 8000$ after the motorswap n tune n still need to get a trans which they said was gonna cost me about 4700$ not including the driveshaft shifter clutch n flywheel. i already have 3 turbos to n im not sure what one to put on i have a vf39 vf43 n a fp18g im lookin for atleast 350hp after this build im not sure either of the vf series will make that i kno the 18g will come close i just need advice from everyone thanks for the help if u know of nething better to do please pm n let me know thanks