Hey All,

Great forum, already saved me a bundle. I have an '02, no mods and recently started experiencing the P0457 issue. I'm going to go back and check the areas recommended in previous threads, but I wanted to see if anyone could answer a question about a hose that appears to go nowhere. I pulled the manifold to replace the fuel pipes in January and had to get back into the engine to retighten the fuel hose clamps about a month ago. I started getting the CEL for the 0457 shortly thereafter, and while looking for a loose/disconnected hose, I discovered a hose coming off of the right rear side of the engine. It is below the intercooler and the manifold, and it looks like it is on or very near the tumble generator. Is this supposed to be connected somewhere? There wasn't anything obvious and the manual doesn't have a great diagram of this area. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.