so i went out last night and everything was fine, and then i parked my car and hung out with my friends for like an hour or so and when i went to go turn my car on, my power got completely cut off......when i put the key to the on position, the lights on the dash would not work, my alarm didnt work, no electric power at my friend tried jump startingit, but it would just die trying to crank, so triple A came and they were able to jump start it, i drove home which was 15-20 minutes, headlights on, radio on, and the car got back home fine, my battery volts were at 14.0 the whole way back.....when i tried starting it this morning it started up fine, i turned on the lights, dome lights, a/c on, and the volts dropped slightly but then went back up....i took my battery to autozone and it was fine, i cleaned the positive and negative things on the battery and the terminals, and the car started up fine and the voltage was fine......any clue as to why my power would just be cut off like that and not happen again?