Hopefully somebody can help me with my problem: About a month ago somebody side-swiped my car overnight while it was parked on the side of the road and they knocked off my driver's side mirror. Rather than going through my insurance, I decided to just buy a new mirror myself. I found a good enough deal on Ebay ($50 painted vs $185 unpainted from the dealer). Problem is, it was a mirror from an 04 model, mine is an 05. I figured they would be the same in terms of the wiring but they are different. The mirrors from the 05 have a different wiring harness than the 04s. I'm good enough to swap out the harnesses except one problem: The 04 mirrors have an extra wire. The 05s have a red, a blue and a black wire, with ONE green wire that is spliced into the black. The 04 mirror I just received has a red, a blue, a black and TWO green wires that go directly into the wiring harness. Any suggestions? I'll make do by adjusting my mirror by hand, but I would obviously prefer to have it wiring properly. Any help would be appreciated.