hey guys im new to this forum... i have a problem my rex, just wondering if anyone can help me out. i own a MY99 rex and am having trouble starting the car when the engine is hot or when the car has been sitting in the sun for a while. In the morning and nights when the air temp is nice and cold i dont have any trouble starting the car.

what happens is the engine cranks but doesnt fire!!! some days it takes 3 attemps to start it up, other times i can crank it over 20 times and nothing. but when i open the bonnet and let air circulate around the engine for a bit i usually can start the car after a few attempts. which has me thinking it may be a faulty sensor or circuit!!!

i sprayed the crank angle sensor with water to try cool a few times and it worked on a few occasions with starting the car, so i replaced the crank angle sensor thinking that was the problem but it didnt help.

the car has recently been serviced and has new spark plugs and battery.

any one have any suggestions??

thanks guys