SOA announced a recall for 02-03 wagons this morning for a stud bolt recall. WVD-14

Under 37,000 wagons affected by this recall.

Affected vehicles may have been manufactured with tailgate stays (also known as tailgate struts) that were inadequately tightened during production. The left and right tailgate stays are designed to support the tailgate when it is placed in an upright position. Each is connected to the tailgate by means of a stud bolt that is attached directly to a welded nut located within the tailgate. If one or both of the stud bolts were inadequately tightened, the loose stud bolt may put unintended stress at the area around the welded nut. Over time and after repeated tailgate operation (opening and closing), this condition could result in the welded nut, along with the tailgate stay, separating and detaching from the tailgate causing the tailgate to close unexpectedly.

SOA will start mailing notices June 2. Dealers should have a list of affected VINs (probably in their area) May 30th.

Not all in those years will require the recall. They are to be inspected and then replaced if the inspection reveals the need for the change.

I am sure it will be a week or so before dealers will actually have the access to this part for the recall.

Just thought I would pass the info along (if it has not already been posted)