This is my first post to the forum, hope I do it right....

I have a 2003 WRX SpecR1 wagon. The keyless entry fob does not work. It will not open/lock the doors or arm/disarm the alarm. I have checked the fuses, changed the battery in the remote, ran through the programming sequence many times, but the car will not "chirp" like it is supposed to when entering program mode. I have a friend who lent me a working remote in an effort to program that with my car, but that did not work either. The remote light does flash when the button is pressed.

Since the car does not chirp after going through the program sequence, I am suspecting an issue with the keyless entry module. I am hesitant to take it in to the dealer here, they have a spotty reputation.

On the advice of a friend, I disconnected the battery, held the brake pedal down for 20 sec., and that proved no results. I hope to get another remote in any case soon.

Is there any other guidance or tips that the club can pass along for assistance? Thanks!