Ok, I am about to give up. I have a EJ20T in my homebuilt airplane. The aircraft is complete and ready to fly however I cannot figure out what is wrong with the subaru.

I am running a CROSSFLOW Aero converted engine with a P8PRO ECU. I am using DTAwin to monitor the engine. The setup or ecu was professionaly tuned/programmed.

The enginE starts and runs great until it warms up then it spits sputters misfires and wont run at all. At idle up to WOT it dies. At WOT it turns about 2000 RPMs and misfires continuously. Let it cool off and it runs great for about 10 minutes or until it warms back up and the quits again.

I have replace the O2 sensor no help. Fuel Pressure is constant 36 lbs and the return flow is good. I am running two fuel pumps and they are working as designed.

The engine management software does not show any sensor failures.

The engine is same as brand new. Probably 10 hrs but has sat for about 5 years while the aircraft was being completed.

Any Ideas????? I am about to give up....

I have thought coils, once warm the fail but I find it hard to believe multiple coil failures all at once.

I have thought once warm engine goes into closed loop and has a problem with sensors or programming but DTAwin is not showing any problems.

Any help would be appreciated!