I noticed I had some oil in the air box right before my throttle body, and some in 2 of the 3 hoses that come from the cylinders to return some exhaust fumes. Is that normal? Is it cause of high rpm driving? like takin it to 5k a few times a week?(Its so hard to drive like a granny, even in a N/A Suby.)

I have about 44k on it all by me. No mods on the car except bird sh#t and dents. And a black bumper cause after payin $300 for a bumper from the stealership, dont wanna pay $250 to get it painted, I'll just slide out into another dirt embankment(like i did the 1st time) and break it and buy another.

Those hoses are coming from the cylinders to return some of the exhaust fumes to help it burn cleaner right? Is it possible that at the higher rpm's that oil is getting pushed into the combustion chamber and then returning through those hoses and into the intake(after the MAF sensor thank the lord). I didn't see too much oil on the throttle body or the butterfly valve, some carbon/dark gray soot looking deposits around where the butterfly valve closes.

I'm gonna take it off while I'm waitin to test the coolant system and clean it, and check it in a week or so.