If so thats your problem, that stuff is thicker than glue. Also depending on what year Wrx you have, Royal Purple is not recommended by Subaru, and I know Lucas is not recommended by either Subaru or Royal Purple. You may have been fine with just RP but I think the Lucas killed you.
Hmmm. I use RP in my car. 20W50 though...as I'm in the tropics (HOT!!!!!).

I don't drive my car often....but when I do (say 2 times for the week..but each trip is about 70-80 km)...I drive hard, and go into boost alot.

My car's at stage 1.5 (if I can call it that) and I'm using about a 1/5 of a quart every mth.

Sounds bad or good? Plus I've found that the dipstick in the suby's are a PITA sometimes. With the car on a lel surface, and having switched off after say 15 mins.....the foll happens:

1) Pull dipstick..wipe....push in....pull again. Dip's dry!!!

2) Push in and pull...dip shows oil to F mark.