So I just bought my White 2002 WRX and drove it around for a week with no problems that I could tell at all, when all of a sudden this morning to my surprise when I get onto the freeway, my temp is a lot higher than it had been for the previous week. It had barely gone above the first 1/3 mark but this morning it got close to the red but then went back down and rested at the 2/3 mark. I really hoped it just needed to be burped and filled but on my home from work it did the same thing but didn't go back down as far as before and stayed towards the red! I popped the hood the first chance I could, and I saw the culprit. Since the car ran just fine when I got it and the crack was not there, then after taking my girlfriend to the airport and using the heater, and the next morning I see the temp and the crack, I figure the crack is the reason for the loss of coolant and the problem. Anyone ever see this before? Is there a quick fix for this or do I have to replace it? Any help and I would be more than grateful! Thanks for helping out someone new to the WRX community!