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    CEL - P0301, p0303

    Hi dudes,
    just like the title says - i threw a p0301 and 0303 code today on my stock 02 wrx. This has been more or less a persistent issue on and off (although with low enough frequency for me to shrug it off - about every 4 months) but lately it's been doing it more often. I opened a thread about this over a year ago and got some helpful ideas CEL - cyl 1 and 2 misfire on stock 02 WRX - cause for concern?

    Anyway, last week i heard what i thought to be detonation during normal driving. CEL came on and actually flashed at me a few times. I freaked right the hell out, stopped the car and changed the [properly gapped] plugs later on that evening. (Old plugs looked normal with #1 looking a bit whiter than it should.) The car ran better than it's ever run (since i've owned it at least) this past weekend but this morning it threw the CEL while in normal city driving.

    When the CEL does light up these misfire codes, it's usually always when the car's warming up. The only thing I can think of is/are bad coils but this software issue brought up in my previous thread has me curious...

    Any thoughts/help would be much appreciated.

    Lazy people: Cyl misfire / recurrent problem / happens when car warms up during driving / wtfbbq / new plugs

    Edit: Gahh i guess i'm a noob - apparently a reflash is in order from SOA. Next question - is this sort of thing covered by a recall or am I going to have to pay an arm and a leg for this?
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