havent posted in a while but i need help. i have a 2006 sti with the bridgestone potenza summer tires that i assume most come with the re070 series. well anyway i have about 6000 miles and my tires look perfect the tread seems to be as deep as it was new. well today i ran over a screw the problem is it went into my sidewall, i work at an acura dealer so i took it to the service manager he told me you cant repair a side wall puncture. so i called our local bridgestone dealer he confirms this. so i get a price on a new tire but the dealer says that the tire is on national back order and it could take a week or so to get along with an additional cost of $60 for a total of $310! as if things cant get worse im now being told i cant put just one new tire on it because of the all wheel drive. im also being told not to drive it even though it holds air. WTF am i to do i cant be with out this car i might freaken shoot myself without the joy of my sti and i dont wanna spend a ton of money replacing perfectly good tires. any solutions? ty in advance!