Well I started to hear a gear whining sound that seemed to be comming out from underneath the front right of the car. So for the last week like a dumb a s s I have been trouble shooting the front of the car. After not finding anything I decide to change all the gear fluids. Starting from the back of the car. I pull out both of the plugs in the rear diff and attached to the magnet was quite a bit of gear shavings and 3 large peices of gear, All the same size. They are concaved and perfectly cover my pinky nail. I reloaded it full of fluid and packed it back together to get me to work today, I can still hear some of the gear whin tho. Only when the diff has no pressure on it. So basically if the car is just "cruising" with no accerlation or deceleration, or having the cluth in and rolling above about 15mph. Ofcourse its louder as the speed increases.

Should I replace this with another stock one? This one lasted 90k!

Any good links to sites that anyone has had good experience with?