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Problem: Here is a local comapny, but it has the Odyssey PC 680MJT has only 220 CCA!http://www.copperstatebattery.com/odyssey.php

The battery company seems to say that it has enough amps:http://www.odysseybatteries.com/battery/pc680mjt.htm
And here is the battery on a supercharged v6 tiburon:

Do you think this PC 680MJT is powerful enough to power a WRX, or should I look at another?

I saw this one:It is an Optima (D51, D51R) that is suppose to be for autos, weighs 26 pounds, and makes 500 CCA, and 625 CA @ 32 degress F. See it here:http://www.copperstatebattery.com/optima.php

It is not that cold here in Phoenix, but it gets really hot in the summer.

I am hoping that Odyssey pc 680MJT will work, since for around the same price of an optima Red or Yellow top, I would get one that is about literally 20-25 pounds lighter than stock. But not if it doesn't have enough power to safely start the WRX or if it will burn out my alternator.

Any input? Any would be appreciated.
You gotta get to the bottom of the CCA deal. You need the real number.
It's the amount of current the battery can provide at 0 degrees F.
Although it doesn't get massively cold in Phoenix, CCA is still critical
because it gives an indication of what's apt to happen when it's 120 deg
in the shade. The Reserve Capacity is a good number too. I like to see at
least 40 minutes. That's how long your engine will operate off the battery
alone it the alternator dies. (No lights, heater or other drains at the time)

I've got an Optima red top in mine. (8020-164, Battery Council International
case style 35) I love these things. I've got 3 of my 5 cars outfitted with
Optimas. I got seven years out of the last one I "wore out". It still worked
fine but the starter had begun to slow down in the winter.
They are heavy muthas though, the one in the WRX is around 34 pounds.
It is more than the OEM Yuasa (or whatever it was) by at least 5 lbs.