Changed the cabin air filter today, yuk
While that section of the dash was apart I decided to check into the glove box latch
situation to see how much trouble it was going to be move the striker and stop
the rattle I've had since day 1.
Basically, it ain't too hard to do. You take the striker off the dash using a phillips
head screwdriver on two screws. You'll need to move the striker about 2 millimeters
in toward the front of the car. (On my car, this amount takes up the slack and lets
the door close tightly- no more rattle) I scooted the striker up to where I thought
it should be and using a sharpie marker, drew two reference marks onto the plastic.
I had to clamp the striker into a vise on my workbench and bend the flat bracket
about 2-degrees. (there's a 90-degree bend that needs to be opened up to about
91-degrees and the 45-degree section needs to be straightened so that it remains
flush with the dashboard, just like it was stock)
It took me about two attempts and about 5 minutes to get the bends just right.
When you mock it up to check the fit, the striker should now be in the forward
position, up against the reference lines you drew.
You'll also need to elongate the slots in the plastic 2mm toward the front of the car
so that you when you bolt the striker back into place you'll actually be able to get
the two screws you removed back into place. I used an exacto knife- took about
1 minute to do.
Sorry, no jpg's..... no camera to take them with
I wish I had fixed this rattle sooner. I feel stupid for having put up with it for 3 years
when it was so easy to fix