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This is a discussion on scratching noise within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; basicly i hear a metal to metal scratching noise when i drive and it;s all the time, not upon braking.. ...

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    Red face scratching noise

    basicly i hear a metal to metal scratching noise when i drive and it;s all the time, not upon braking.. .so I know it's not the wear sensors, like most of you may have thought upon reading this.... i have had people drive next to me and we have narrowed it down to the passenger rear wheel...ti sounds like a rock or something is stuck on the backing plate and touching the rotor,,,sound occurrs after 20mph and 40mph if i drive any faster the sound goes brakes are fine....i can stop perfect,,,just annoyed at this mystery noise..tomorrow i am goign to take off the wheel and inspect and look for signs of abrasion and suchness...althouh my street that i live on was repaved and for about 4 days i had to drive on loose gravel...i drove slow over it though i think some gravel/tar may be causing this headache

    any comments appreciated..i'll let ya know what 'i find

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    my wear sensor made noise all the time when my rear pads had worn all the way down.

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    Debris causing the noise would be a simple explanation and fix; a wheel bearing is another possibility but not likely at this point.
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