car was cold. plan to do a test when warm at some point but just decided to do last second while swapping plugs.

from what i found it looks ok. cyl 1 is a bit low but again, when warm i think would see closer numbers.

car has 75k on the clock. been modded since around 60k or so and driven spirited of course. no drag racing done on this motor either.

cyl #1 142 PSI
cyl #2 145 PSI
cyl #3 149 PSI
cyl #4 145 PSI

for what its worth heres the blackstone lab report done a little over 4K ago. sending in the next change as well. sending in at 5k. got a couple weeks left on 'er

Overall hows the motor looking? am i wrong in thinking its looking pretty solid for this mileage?