Eons ago, this area of Southern Maryland was a tobacco juggernaut. So, to the left and right of Chapel Point Road (located in Port Tobbaco, MD) are sweeping hillsides that flatten out to plains green with tobacco leaves and dotted with patches of tall corn stalks. Chapel Point Road, in its most beautiful stretch, is flanked in the East by the Potomac, which lazily flows into little creeks where the Weeping Willow trees are most abundant. The houses are set wide apart and are usually sitting high on hills; meanwhile the remaining farmers of the area have their homes, barns, pastures on the plains as close to the Potomac as possible.

The best, most technically demanding stretch of Chapel Point is from Pisces Lane moving eastward to the highest point, St. Ignatius church. The beginning features a very easy set of s-turns. Be warned that the end of that set of turns will feature a long left on a very tight road that may have a tractor coming around the corner.

That part of the road is descending. It will eventually give way to another set of s-turns that are ascending but complicated by the fact that shadows cast by the thick trees that envelop the turns can lead you to believe there is more road than not.

The penultimate experience is coming out of the woods to be greeted by a right handed corkscrew (a la Laguna Seca) that gives way to a left handed, 90 degree ascent to St. Ignatius.

A caution: Please remember that these are good 'ole country folks who won't take kindly to a rex carving up turns at a tire-screeching speed. I try not to exceed 50 mph there. I know, I know, but you would not want to spend an evening in Jail . . . in Mayberry.