It sure is hard to get excited about driving around the midwest, especially if you live nowhere near any national forests. This section of WI Highway 55 is quite a treat, though. The best part is the stretch from Keshena north to Langlade. It winds through the back forests of the Menominee reservation. Few cross-streets, no stop lights or stop signs from Keshena north through the rest of the reservation. It follows the east bank of the Wolf River, making for some of the best scenery in Wisconsin. (Unfortunately, a small section of the scenery has been marred by a recent, small clear-cut.) It's a very smooth, 2-lane highway. Lots of nice, tight curves and small, undulating hills. Not many passing zones through the reservation; however, there are tons of turnouts for slower traffic. I have only been held up by traffic once; it was one car and I was eventually able to get around him. Even on Labor Day and Memorial Day Weekends, when virtually every biway in WI becomes the FIB Express, this road is not crowded at all. The road still has nice twists and hills all the way north to Crandon, but the best part is the 10-15 mile stretch through the Menominee reservation.