Disclaimer: Not everything on the interweb is true, especially the exploits of a traveling notary in a turbocharged station wagon.

I did a job in northern NJ and I needed a fun ride home yesterday. I looked on my trusty laminated PA map and saw that route 402 appears to a mostly uninterrupted state road through Delaware State Forest in northeast PA. I know that this area is starting to be developed due to its recently discovered proximity to New York and other overpopulated regions in the tristate area, so this may not last forever. I decided to detour north from Hamburg, NJ (the type of town that dogs run away from, no offense if you live there) and roll into PA over the Milford bridge from NJ-206 North. Milford is a quaint town and I rolled along historic Route 6 to I-84W, a poorly maintained interstate across NEPA, and exited on at Route 402 and turned left.

This road has it all. There are woods to either side of you adding a bit of tension to your drive. There are some hairy turns, 2 mile long straights that rise and dip slowly, and most importantly, a lack of other motorists. You will most likely be in 4th gear 95% of the time on this road (5MT). 90-100 MPH cruising is possible if choose to be so bold. This route stretches from I-84 south towards Stroudsburg and dumps you on to Route 209. The first half of the drive has almost no cross traffic. I would not recommend doing this in the evening or at night as the Pennsylvania Whitetail deer is known for its desire to leave its mark on your vehicle.