I'm sure anyone who knows anything about Texas roads has heard of Lime Creek. However I had an experience out there today that I feel I need to share with anyone going out to drive it.
Approaching the first hair pin ( more of a 90*, 50 feet, 90*) from the 1431 side I saw a bunch of cars and bikes pulled off to side of the road, knowing something was up I pulled off too. I saw something every person fears, a biker had lost control and fallen off. He was just coming to consciousness when we arrived. He was very bad off, both him and his bike where carted away. I just want to remind anyone going to Lime Creek, be safe and don't go beyond the limits of what you or your car/bike can handle. Not to say, don't have fun, but keep in mind that things can happen.

Anyway, to not end on such a bad note, here are some awesome shots I got off the road.




(apparently IMG code is off, oh well)