This is also local to Santa Barbara:
  • From 101, take 154 towards Lake Cachuma
  • At the top of the pass, turn right onto East Camino Cielo
  • Follow ECC for 20 miles, past Painted Cave Rd
  • (Road quality deteriorates significantly, but it's passable)
  • The view throughout this section is breathtaking, you can stop anywhere
  • You can either turn around, or continue on this road until it forks
  • If you take the right fork, it goes down Gibraltar road back into Santa Barbara
  • If you take the left fork, it goes up the ridge for more scenery and then turns to dirt after 12 miles
  • If you continue on the dirt patch, you can go another 25 miles of easy off-road driving (no big ditches or anything. But you'll get dirty!