US250 from Cadiz to Wheeling (I70)

I ran it going SE in a semi and boy was that a interesting drive. Starting from Cadiz your climbing a mountain and a ton of twisties. Pretty smooth and not tight at all for a car but watch out for the occasional semi they have to go slightly over the center line in some corners. There are a few little towns you go thru but nothing serious. When yon decend the mountain and get within prob 10-15 miles of I 70 theres a couple switch backs that in the right car you could do one heck of a power slide thru them. For being a saturday afternoon there werent many cars on the road. Speed limit was 45 most of the way if I remember right but I was doing anywhere between 30-55 for most of the trip, so a car would prob average between 40-65 easily.

If your taking US250 SE from I77 watch out its amish heaven. Buggies everywhere for the first 20-30 miles off of the freeway.