A few of my favorite roads in my general area that I would suggest....

Route 130 between 501(from lynchburg) and glasgow. AKA "The mountain", pretty nice pavement although it can get busy on the weekends. Watch out for sportbikes.

Route 43 from the Blue Ridge Parkway to Buchannan(or vice versa going up). pretty patchy pavement but an epic road none the less. Make sure your brakes are on point for the descent.

Route 60 from Buena Vista to a mile or so past the Blue Ridge Parkway(Flattens out after this). Nice pavement, smooth.

Charlemont Rd, probably my favorite of the rural country highway type tarmac, this is where all that wrx suspension travel comes in handy, if you're up to it.

Sheep Creek Rd, like gravel? this is where it's at. best to catch it in the summer as they tend to drag the roads more.