twisty roads huu?
take it from me done plenty.

highway 112 on the way out to neah bay is verry fun. all most all the turns are around or below 25mph and its right along the strait almost the whole way o ands its extremly buitiful.

101 between forks and westport. thats a twisty one two and its verry pretty. long straitaways and hard corners on that one.

the back roads behind silverdale and bremerton are a blast if ur going for a day trip. the ones around seabeck are preetty good to.

high way 8 0r 12 cant rember...aactully i think it turns into 12..any way that between montasano and long beach is fun some times the trafic on the weekends though.

hope this helps if u want to know more u can pm me or sumthing.

p.s. these are all on the coast or headed out to the coast.