Oh yeah! I was driving around about an hour ago. I remember that a road near where I live was torn up and being redone. The whole road was dirt and rocks when I last saw it... WELL... THE WHOLE AREA IS TORN UP NOW! my eyes bursted out of my head when I saw it.

Residential area though... So, what do I do?

The obvious! Drive like an a$$hole!
Picked up 40mph, in 3rd.
A little minor tail swinging, almost going into a drift, but kept it controlled as I don't know how to drift yet, although I know the concept and idea.
Sliding slightly sideways to avoid cars parked on this road, and avoid obstacles in the road.
A good two minutes or two of this it lasted.
Never being to an autoX meet, or a rally, this had to be the most fun experience in a car I've ever had! I thank GT3 for giving a little concept idea of controlling a car in offroad situations! As dangerous as it is (and GT3 is no real life experience!), I knew my Ford ZX2 (FWD) and I had little issues with a FWD car. The AWD only adds to the control! Some understeer is felt, but nothing high revs and touch of the all mightly momo can't fix!
I truely love my car more than ever now!

~ Dan