Well yesterday I changed the standard white foglight bulbs out for some yellows, I used texon h3 3000k by fantek, mainly because they were cheap, you can also use nervas or piaa etc....anyway heres the right up

I would advise using some kind of minor lift, I didn't and it worked fine but it was a pain in the neck to squeam around in there.

This way of doing it does not require you to remove the front of the fogs, which I thought is great because you don't have to worry about paint scratching and what not,

Begin by turning the wheel hard to the left or to the right, depending on which bulb your changing, this will give you a lot more room to work with.

Next you want to pull back the wheel lining....If you look under the bumper at the front corners there will be three fastners holding the liner to the body of the car, un do these using a flat head screw driver and a little umphhh and remove them....next if you run look in the wheel wells you'll see two areas where the liner clips onto the frame of the car, these are very simple to unclip, once this has been done, with some force, you should be able to pull the liner back, don't crease it but don't worry about bending it either, its very maleable and can be corrected back into place later.

Once pulled back, you'll be able to look into the front bumper, on both sides you'll see the resevoir tanks, on one side for ???? and on the left for windshield wiper fluid, IMO these are the biggest hinderence to the job.

Anyway look beyond these tanks, and you'll see the back of the fogs, its a black twisty cap with black wrapped wires running out of them, grab a hold and turn maybe 30 degrees or even less and the fastened foglight will fall out towards you.

The first thing you want to do is disconect the bulbs, you'll see a GREY wire running from the fastner cap to the bulb, pull the grey wire, and the bulb will be attached to the light but not the powerfeeding fastener cap.

To remove the bulb, look at the light foglight, you'll see a metal clip streched across the bulb which secures it into the projector, release this clip and the bulb will literally release into your hand...take your new bulbs (h3s!) and put them where the old one were, and replace the metal bar clip so the bulb has been secured back in the projector.

Now the hardest part in my IMO, reattaching the power clip line of the bulb to the black powerfeeding fastner.....its a metal rectangular clip that slips into a female piece in the black fastner, its a pain in the neck because your working in a small space, but after looking at the bulb and seeing how it feeds and disconnects you'll eventually be able to reconnect the new bulb. Once reconnected, put the black cap back into place turning the fastner thirty degrees back the other way into the locked position....make sure its locked and secure or water could get in the light and then your f***

Retuck the liner back into the frame, and insert the fastners back in and the clips back on, and well your set....

This is a solid write up but without pics it might be for more advanced people I will try to hijack some pics, or if your in NJ and want to do this pm me for a meet and help so I can take pics ! take care fellas