had a key scratch ever since i bought my car. two years later i finally snapped and break out the nearly depleted can of body match spray paint i had mixed...however long ago it was when i repainted the top of my little wagon wing. bit of careful dabbing with a super expensive painting tool(q-tip) my old sanding blocks of 1500, 1750, and 2000 grit and some elbow grease. finished off with my rotary buffer and some 3m ultra fine compound that i use for buffing out swirl marks. turned out good for a quick job i think. once the front of the hood gets dirty again i dont think ill even remember its there.

now its the only clean paint chip free part of my hood other than the scoop. heres hoping i dont go ocd and try to fix the hole hood. my front bumper is grey in spots from i am assuming gravel road damage. i need a paint job so bad lol.