Got a new 2013 base WRX hatchback this weekend to replace my 2004 WRX and I want to start thinking about where I should start to take care of my exterior.

First, it came with a 3 year (6 applications every 6 months) of something called ZakTek. Near as I can tell its a paint sealant of some kind. I've done some searching and one member said their dealership used what amounts to a brush car wash to apply the product! I don't know how my dealership applies this stuff but I can find out. What I want to know is what others think of this, or similar, products? I've always been a Griot's Garage guy and have happily used my random orbital to apply polish and wax when needed. This is an every day driver though so I'd probably use their paint sealer most of the time. Still, if this ZakTek stuff is good I might stick with it for the duration.

Second, I'm already starting to see marks of something on the sides of the car from what I assume to be road gunk (for lack of a better term). It comes off easily enough but I'd like to prevent it from happening at all. So I'm thing I need mud flaps. Sounds like Rally Armor is the way to go. Any other things to consider here? Installation doesn't look too difficult but if there are any suggestions is appreciate them too.

Next, protecting the hood. My Dad recently bought a Porsche Boxster and he had a clear, plastic film put over the entire hood to protect it from rock chips. Not sure what it looks like but I'm intrigued by the idea. I am concerned about what it will look like over time. I know the clear edge door guards can begin to peel up and get dirty... at which point there's nothing you can do but pull it and reapply. I don't think there'd be a difference with this product either. Any thoughts on this idea? Other than this film I suppose I either need to put a bra on it or a bug shield. Product recommendations?

What else am I missing? And thanks!