I feel your pain. As the unimaginable happened yesterday to me too, the First Dent on my '13 WRX! About 3" x 2". Went to the bank for 15 mins, parked like 50 ft away from the other cars, all by herself. Got out of the bank, looking at the drivers side door, there it was! The car probably who dented it left right away when it hit my subie. I hate that! Good thing, there's no paint chip on the dent. Called the shop who fixed our other car first, described him the dent, guy said it'll take 4 days to fix, repaint the whole panel, dadada. Then googled PDR, found one about a mile away from work. Talked to the guy on the phone, he said about $60. Went there after work, 30 mins later, everything's like new again! And he only charged me $50 for it! All Denver members here, if you want to use this guys service, totally awesome! Shop's name is Dentex in Centennial.