problem with my retrofit
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This is a discussion on problem with my retrofit within the Exterior & Appearance forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; I am retrofitting STI projectors in my 12 wrx, and ordered some extra headlights to do the retrofit on. One ...

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    problem with my retrofit

    I am retrofitting STI projectors in my 12 wrx, and ordered some extra headlights to do the retrofit on. One light was ok and the othe bezel inside was loose. I baked them and pulled the backings off, and saw that the ball and socket joint was out. I know that these are supposed to be in there very tight. I can just pop it in and out even with the top screw in. It takes a little force but nothing near what it should be. Im just wondering if there is a fix for this or if it will stay intact while driving and hitting bumps on the road? I think it will stay but not sure. PLease help

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    doesn't seem right, i think you should probably get a new piece for that ball and socket joint

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    That pic looks normal to me... Are you trying to pop it in? or pop it out? It's there as a pivot for the light adjustment.

    It (supposedly) takes a lot of effort to pop it out, but make sure you use even force or else you'll crack it right between the high/low beam reflectors.

    One way to check is to set the up/down and left/right aim, pop the ball back in and then shake the light, if it pops out, then you have a problem, if not, then it should be fine... cause you shouldn't be going over bumps that hard in your car.

    Another solution... Set the up/down | left/right aim so it's PERFECT, then put a dab of epoxy or superglue in the socket joint.

    I don't think it's a replacement part you can order separate.

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