So I installed a polyurethane v-limited front lip on my 04 WRX a few winters ago. I just got my new 2010 WRX and wanted to do the same thing. The thing is that I can't decide if it matters which one I get.

When I installed it on my 04, it always looked a little short near the side fenders. It wasn't flush. I didn't know if this was because I installed it in the dead of winter and it never had a chance to expand until it was bloted to my car which didn't allow it to expand in the warmer weather...or if it was because I bought it on ebay for 40 bucks instead of getting one from a legitimite website for like $250.

So basically what my question is, is there a difference between the polyurethane front lips out there or was it short just because I installed it in 30 degree weather?

As always thanks for the help guys!