hi there. I'm new to this place, and am thinking about doing some appearance upgrades to our car. the car's technically my wife's, but she doesn't care much about it, so I want to start doing some mods to it. this started because a. an exterior mirror just got broken off, and b. a few winters ago she was clearing snow off of it with a metal bladed shovel (!) and scratched the hell out of it.

just to clear the air on this, I'm not concerned with whether or not the car looks "ricey" or not, I just like the appearance of these things. now the biggest damage done with the shovel was to the hood--large scrapes across it, and the scoop is missing a giant slap of paint. I was browsing ebay, and saw that carbon fiber hoods aren't THAT expensive, only about $600 shipped. I wanted to know if installing these would be something that could be done easily in your driveway with the right tools.

I was going to post the links, but can't since I'm new anyway, what I was looking at were the ones made by vis. I'm especially curious why they mention body clips are needed, and if they'll just bolt on to the support arms for the hood.

any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm also looking to change the following things on the car, and would love any recommendations so I don't end up throwing away money:

1. a new lower front bumper (part that includes the fog light surrounds) because ours is all bashed to hell

2. prodrive/sti style headlights, because I don't like the bugeyes. I was going to go for the ebay $125 ones, but apparently they suck. I'd still like to get the cheapest thing that works good in that style.

3. a new dashboard basic gauge cluster. either something with blue lights, or white faced gauges.

again, suggestions would be great. thanks all, and I hope to enjoy these forums!