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Simple Green is a degreaser, so it may cause problems. Peanut butter contains (you guessed it) peanut oil, which can act as a solvent and soften up the wax residue.

I used to work for a company that made a high-end line of car appearance products. Our paste wax had a very high carnauba content, and as a result, if you didn't polish it out within a short time of it hazing, you'd need scotchbrite to rub the hardened wax off. Unless, of course, you did the totally counterintuitive thing and put on some more fresh wax in little sections... The new wax softens the hardened wax, and then you can buff it out.

BTW, this is why putting two coats of wax on a car is a total waste of time... applying the second coat softens the previous coat, and you end up with the same "thickness" of residual wax when you buff it out the second time anyway.
I shall try the peanut butter method then. Thaks for all the info