What's your Subie story?
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This is a discussion on What's your Subie story? within the Everyday Impreza Talk forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; I'm curious to hear how everyone got into the subie community. What drew you to them in the first place? ...

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    What's your Subie story?

    I'm curious to hear how everyone got into the subie community. What drew you to them in the first place? What keeps you here? What cars did you have before? I love to read about how passionate we all are and, well, 3rd shift gets boring so this will give me something to read...

    My first memory of Subaru was before I even knew what Subaru was...or that they even existed. There was, what I'm now guessing from old memories here, an old Legacy(?) that parked at the top of my street growing up. Now, we know they weren't anything that would make you stop and stare, but it was the emblem that got me. That circle and stars. I'd never seen one so artistic and different. I came from a Honda family, you know, that oh so ingenious 'H'.

    Even before I could drive I was always helping my dad with the family cars. It started off as helping with the tire rotations, and then I moved on to the brakes, a little bit of timing belt work, spark plugs etc etc.

    My first 2 cars didn't even break into the 1990's and as such had plenty of mechanical and electrical demons which fostered my love/hate relationship with cars in general. I had my license, a few years under my belt and a 1993 Accord when the first Fast & Furious came out. And, yes, I was totally enamored. I loved the ridiculousness of it all. It was everything my 17 year old self could ever want. I went through a rice phase (I mean, what choice did I have? A broke teenager with an old Honda and enough money to order eBay specials?) but grew out of it when I started to learn more and a few "What the hell are you thinking?!" looks from my dad helped.
    Years pass, I'm still broke, cars are looking more and more blah...life gets in the way of hobbies. You know...

    I was taking some auto classes at a community college where I met a guy with a modded 2005 LGT. He invited me to a track day in which I got to truly experience both the abilities of a Subaru and the ghastly smell they make when you destroy a clutch. I thought my eyes were going to come out of my face and I couldn't stop grinning. A few weeks later said guy became my boyfriend (insert joke about girls and cars, or boost getting you laid or some other such thing here) and I inherited his Subaru family and the penchant for flying to the window of wherever I happed to be when I hear the "BBRRAAPPP" of a Subaru nearby. I was completely sold....but still broke.

    Late last year he decided it was time to move on from the LGT and we talked about it and decided that a new wrx would suit him quite nicely. I had a 2010 Mazda3 wagon at the time and even though I had a big girl job and a decent income I still wasn't thinking about owning a 'dream car' I was still stuck in poor college kid mode. As many of you waiting for your 2015 orders know, it takes a looooooong time. We stopped in to the dealership a few months into his wait and they had a CWP Limited sitting in the showroom. I kept looking at it as he was chatting with up the salesman, still not realizing that this car was within my reach. We leave and on the way home he comments "Wouldn't it be funny if we were that couple with matching cars". hahaha...haha......hah...wait...
    -Insert angels singing and shining their light down upon me-

    We turned around and I bought the WRX right then and there. Total impulse buy. Best impulse buy, ever, mind you. It's been almost 6 months and I still stare back at it every time park. I love the car. I love the community. I've been to the no-waste plant in Indiana and the tree-hugger in me absolutely loves that and their dedication to charities and dog lovers. It's going to take a lot to ever get me out of a Subaru.

    My car history: '85 Accord, '84 Accord, '93 Accord, '03.5 Mazdaspeed Protege, '85 prelude, '10 Mazda3, '15 WRX

    tl;dr: I love my Subaru and all of you fellow enthusiasts. Also, I've owned a lot of old Hondas.
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    i fell in love with subarus in 2002. my brother bought a wrx and ended up modifying it over the years. once i was old enough to drive, i couldn't afford a subaru so i started with an 89 acccord, 98 civic, 99 civic.. and finally during my senior year in high school, i saved up enough money to get a brand new 2006 wrx. funny enough, i ended up getting the same wheels my brother had on his wrx, without even realizing it

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    your friendly, neighborhood subaru girl
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    That's that family Boxer Blood.
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    2009 Subaru Impreza (I bought it new for my Mom)
    2004 Subaru WRX (Sold)
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    1996 Honda Civic Lx
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    Ive owned a lot of vehicles since i was 14 or so... lets go down the list...

    82 Jeep CJ5(sold)
    80 Ford LTD 2 door (sold)
    79 F250 4x4- built 351 cleveland on 35's (kick myself every day for getting rid of it)(sold)
    85 chevy c10 short bed (sold)
    90 mustang lx notchback, 2.3l 5spd (first car I actually got to drive, drove to HS my junior and half of senior year)(sold)
    93 Lincoln Towncar
    93 Ford Ranger(sold)
    92 Sentra(sold)
    77 F150 4x4 (inherited from my grandfather)(sold)
    75 F250 camper special(sold)
    67 F100(sold)
    76 Ford Courier (current project)
    92 Rodeo (donating chassis to Courier)

    When I got my first big boy job out of college in august, i decided I wanted a G35 infinity... everyone I found close was either high milage, or the dealer wouldnt call me back, so i got pissed off and started looking at my local car lots and found the subaru i ended up buying... looked at it, test drove it and did some research... tried to get a 2011 but the payments were too high, next day went and signed the paperwork and picked it up the day after that. Been in love ever since.
    2006 San Remo Red WRX Stage 2

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    The year was 1997 (I was 13), and while I did know of Subaru, they were just another Japanese auto brand to me. I also didn't really know what rally racing was at the time. My dream cars at the time were typical of a 13-14 year old growing up in the 90s.

    Then, out comes Gran Turismo for Play Station and I discover the 22B-STi... I was all like "DEFUQ is this? I can win races by just ignoring turns and driving on the grass with this car?" I thought it was just the game, but then my buddies stepfather (who played GT with us and kicked our asses) explained to us what rally racing was... and I was sold. I now had a 'dream car' that I could actually afford in the foreseeable future.

    That's pretty much it. I've wanted a WRX since that day, and I finally got one in April of last year. I've racked up 25K miles because I cant stop driving the damn thing.

    Car history:
    -1989 Range Rover. Bought it from my stepdad... it was my first car. Loved that thing.
    -1988 Mercedes 300E (W124), bought it with 188K miles for 3K. Also loved it. Despite the miles, it was mint... it was owned by an old lady who's husband owned a chain of automotive repair shops. I should have never sold that thing!
    -2006 Mazda3. My first tuner car. I got lucky, A'PEXi used my car for prototyping parts (lived in LA at the time). Unfortunately it got stolen.
    -2011 Nissan Sentra. Commuter car... it was, eh, cute, I guess.

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    Don't have my own yet but am driving my mother's 2013 Imprezza while she is gone, to help make my 2000 Regal last until the fall when I plan on a new WRX. I have to drive the 2000LS because it is in such bad shape it could konk out at any time and I don't want my daughter driving it to the community college every day. She now drives my 2003 Regal GS. I miss the passing power of that beast. And that is what draws me to the similarly horse-powered WRX. In Cleveland we just went through the coldest February in recorded history and it would have been really nice to have awd to get in and out of my drive which is two hills. I did not like my mother's previous Forester, but really like her Imprezza. With a manual tranny, awd, 268HP, and sedan body, the new WRX just fits my tastes perfectly. Plus I actually like the nondescript looks of it - all the better to avoid notice while hauling a..

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    I wasn't always a car enthusiast: Now, I am a car nut. It started when I was a freshman in College. Back then, I was driving a 1991 Buick Regal 3.8L which was 12 years old at the time. Knowing that the Buick wasn't going to run forever, I decided to identify the perfect "all around" car. I created a spreadsheet with the following columns:

    - This included operation in adverse conditions, storage, etc.
    Fuel economy

    At the time, the WRX had been just introduced into the USDM the year before. After collecting data on a lot of different cars, I optimized the data to produce the best all-around car. The WRX scored the highest. Three years would pass before I could afford a WRX and I happened to drive a 1994 Mazda 626 5MT between the Buick and WRX. In 2006ish I bought a 2003 WRX Wagon which transformed into the famous Shaggin' Wagon

    Zax Bugeye "Shaggin' wagon" Build thread

    I have had a lot of hobbies over the years and I tend to get bored quickly and move on. Cars have been my primary hobby for about 7 years now which is quite a statement. It's unlikely that I would have found my hobby if it weren't for that little black wagon.
    2015 CWP WRX STi ... But how did I get roped back into an EJ motor?!
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    Always thought the cars were so cool and sounded so mean for how little they were (04-07).
    Learned to drive stick on a friends vr6 GTI and bought a Prelude shortly after. Graduated college, got a job and looked for a 14 wrx(last model year, hoped all the kinks were worked out). Did research and found the GR wrxs put similar wheel horse power to the STIs. Done. Didn't need the brakes, suspension etc. Just wanted a fun subie and the wide body hatch of course

    Grabbed the last hatch from the local dealer and that is that!
    Car luckily came with the STI short shifter so I fortunately don't know what the regular shifter feels like.

    Going to keep er for a while. Might trade up for an STI if they replace the current EJ motor in the later models.
    2014 WRX ISM Hatch

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    My Subaru story.

    Its pretty simple, I've always been interested in motorsports. I remember watching the WRC and at the time, Colin McRae and Subaru really stood out. From then I've always wanted one.

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    I've always loved the WRX, the looks, the sound, AWD. Back in '09, a buddy of mine bought a new black sedan and seeing it in his driveway next door every day killed me. We both commuted a good distance, and eventually he realized the mpg and premium gas price was too much and it went away. At 200 miles per day I was stuck with Corollas and then a hybrid.

    As a kid I drove 8 cylinders; a Firebird with a 305 and then an old Nova with a straight 6, 3 on the tree. It was my learning car, body work, motor swaps, etc. I sold it with a great slightly built 350 that used to piss off my Mustang-driving buddies. Imagine a new '91 5.0 getting beat by a '77 4-door! We all had fun.

    Aside from the cool technology, buying the Prius years later ate at me a little, just not what I ever imagined owning. It was mostly a good car though and saved me a ton on gas. Since then, I moved to AZ and now drive 12 miles to work. With the scenery and a million close mountain roads, it didn't take long to finally justify the fun AWD car. Now I drive to work with the same smile my Chevy gave me 20 years ago.

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    I started writing and it got longer and longer to avoid going and painting my windows today. Plus, I used to work night shift, so I get the need to fill the hours...

    I grew up in the deep south. People don't need AWD etc down there so while there are plenty of cars, not as many AWD and back then, not a lot of Subarus. My folks had an old Subie in the 80s and it was a POS. Horrible car, always had something wrong with it. So I had no real interest in a Subaru growing up. Growing up I tinkered a bit on others cars, basic stereo and mechanical, but really learned a lot about turning wrenches when I joined the NAVY to be machists mate, ended up working in main machinery rooms focused on propulsion. Learned a lot and the confidence that “Hell, if I don't know it, I likely can figure it out.”

    Years later, I moved to Atlanta for work. The joke there used to be that Subarus are the official car of the lesbian population in Atlanta. There are a surprising number of Subarus and it really does seem like ladies who like ladies also like Subarus. Fast forward to late 2000s, I move to Colorado and coming from Atlanta I was a bit shocked at the population of lesbians in Colorado. Apparently, Subarus are the unofficial state vehicle in Colorado for all persons, gender preference aside.

    Anyways, I needed to replace my 2006 S60R Volvo. I loved that car, but at 100k miles it just became a royal PITA to maintain. It was expensive for little stupid things and it felt like it needed repairs every time I took it to the shop, e.g. The drivers side headlight wouldn't stay on high beams, due to a faulty servo. The unit is internal to the headlight assembly so can only be purchased as a single unit. 4 years ago, cheapest I could find a new one..... @$700. So I started shopping for an AWD replacement vehicle, and the WRX was just about the only one that fit the search criteria (@300HP, AWD, wagon if possible, decent gas milage, fun to drive, @$30k new; after the Volvo I was ready to buy something new, with a warranty and keep it for 100k+). The other car that was a pretty close fit was a 2012 Honda Crosstour AWD. I really considered it due to the prices, they were GIVING them away since the sales were so poor. They definitely had more room inside compared to the WRX, and its a Honda. But it didn't have the same soul the WRX had when driving. At the time, I had 1 kid in a baby seat, so I really needed a backseat (and wagon).

    I really like my WRX and overall, I am very happy with it. It is a BLAST to drive and does a great job in the winter. I do wish it had a bit more room since I have 2 little ones, but since it isn't the family mover, not the end of the world. Odd, I just haven't ever said I love the car tho (love driving, but not overall). Not sure what it is missing to move from like to love. I have considered selling it, but with the little bit of looking, haven't found anything that is better for me right now.

    Cars (and motorcycles) are like ex girlfriends, the ones with no drama are great, but the extreme highs and lows are what make the drama queens the most memorable. I miss the Volvo as it was so good looking and fast, but what a PITA. The WRX does everything just as good, but no drama and a little less “fancy”, it just doesn't have the “it” factor. But I certainly wouldn't trade back.

    Previous cars (ignoring motorcycles)
    1977 Ford T-bird
    93 Eagle Talon
    93 TransAm (oh, the stories....)
    1989 GMC Caballero
    1996 Chrysler Sebring 'vertable
    2002 Dodge Ram (2dr V6)
    2002 Dodge Ram (4dr Hemi)
    2006 Volvo S60R
    2005 Toyota Corolla (hated it, but it was the wife's until a tree fell on it. Good riddance)
    1989 Ford F150
    1995 GMC Suburan (present)
    2013 WRX (Present)
    1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (present)

    And between house renovations and having the Jeep, I have plenty of projects. I just keep the WRX stock.
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    2003 into 2004 was time for me to buy a car. I'd been reading about performance cars for many years and was finally able to afford some of the reasonably priced ones. I had three picked out to look over - in order of preference:

    • VW R32
    • Nisan 350Z
    • Subaru WRX

    Always loved (still do!) the Golf / GTI. The AWD R32 seemingly came with leather only. Not a fan of it, and the R32 was the priciest of all. Just as well as it turned out to be too front end heavy and not a great performer in autox, which I later discovered with some help from Subaru (more info below). I think it had 240 HP, which is a lot less than my WRX eventually ended up with. Getting significantly more horsepressure out of the R32 with bolt-ons was not practical. No FI boot to crank up with tuning. Never test drove one.

    The RWD 350Z was a joke. Crappy fake aluminum plastic interior bits, crappy genuine plastic everywhere else, grossly impractical and abysmal rearward visibility. There was a placard in the "hatch" showing the proper way to stow 2 golf bags. That was about the total capacity of the hatch. As memory serves the engine in the 2004 350Z had some significant problems. Once again, never test drove one.

    Then there was my last choice, the WRX. At the time I thought the ugliest of the bunch. FOUR DOORS?!? This cannot be the least bit cool. As I looked it over in person, I saw the practicality. The interior screamed crappy genuine plastic, but I was OK with that once I settled in and test drove one (not the one I bought). It was the least expensive by a fair amount, even after the dealer installed mods described below. Nearly as practical as the R32 and $5000 cheaper I bought it back on 3/30/2004. The story continues below ...

    From: ClubWRX Car of the Month? Really?

    I was mostly a WRX n00b when I bought it new on 3/30/2004. I had read an article about the then new WRX and the SPT go fast bits available for it on RoadandTrack.com some time before I bought the WRX. Thinking this was the path to the ultimate WRX handling package I had the dealer install the SPT suspension bits mentioned as part of the financed purchase price within a week of taking delivery.

    Added at that time were 17" x 7" OZ Superleggeras with 225/45 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3. Thought I had perfect handling all wrapped up. It turns out I was not even close. Don't believe everything you read in automotive magazines.

    In 2004 Subaru gave you a free one year membership to the SCCA when you bought a WRX. About a year later I finally joined up. After starting to autocross the WRX the shortcomings of the setup started to become obvious.

    5 years later and after a total of 7 sway bars, 4 sets of springs, 4 sets of struts, 2 sets of front camber plates and 4 different brands / models of tires I finally have the WRX right where I want it for a perfect balance between daily driver and autocross toy.

    The engine mod path has been a relatively slow but steady one starting with Cobb stage 1 back in July 2004. Over the years I think I have found the perfect tune and components for daily driver and autocross toy. The engine mods have bumped me into SM, so I will not be competitive in autocross in that class. Just as well as I am not a very competitive or overly talented driver.

    As the WRX is now 11 years old, I will be largely retiring it from autocross as I want to keep it running a least a few more relatively trouble free more years.
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    I was 16 in 2001-2002 when the WRX first came to the US. From then on I was hooked by the thought of owning one someday. Then I got into WRC and Subaru was doing really well at that time. The rest is history.
    My "Build" Thread!

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    For me it was my younger brother actually. I was always into cars as a kid and my brother bought an RS new. He started doing some work on it, exhaust, badge changes etc and I just loved the personalization of the car without it being a piece of crap car and it not being a mustang 5.0. Showing my age a little there but that's what all the car kids drove at that time. When the WRX came out I had to have one and bought it off the truck without even so much as a test drive. Got married had kids and got rid of the car because the rear facing car seat didn't fit too well. I even went and got a Charger R/T the year they came out to try to satisfy my car bug with more room and more of a grown up car but it never satisfied my desire to have my WRX back. There is just nothing compared to the easy mods, the personalization and the fun to drive excitement of them. In my opinion anyway. I got divorced and getting remarried this year and finally got myself back in a place where it was time to go out and buy a new car again. I was on the fence with the style of the 15's until i saw one in person that was it. My search began and 3 months later I got my 15wrx. I'm never going back, to me it's just addicting to spend an afternoon changing this or that on the car, installing a new part or spending 8 hours detailing the car. To me they are just an absolute blast a true bang for the buck and the only thing that would make me get rid of the WRX this time is an STI with the FA20 engine.

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    wanted a sporty and fun car that could hold 5 people and be driven in inclement weather comfortably... plus coming from an e36 I wanted something with a tad more kick but also a true manual like my old car so I went with my wrx... although I test drove plenty of other cars... the feel of the wrx won me over... plus it was the most reliable out of the roster of cars I looked at... love the car and every moment spent in it...

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