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    Be careful out there

    Not sure if there is a better example of what will happen if you decide to be an idiot on the road

    Two dead after fiery Long Island Expressway wreck in Queens - NY Daily News

    A 30-year-old Queens man speeding at over 100 mph on the Long Island Expressway died along with his passenger in a fiery crash early Saturday, police said.The driver, whose name was not immediately released, was racing west in the center lane of the LIE when he lost control of his 2004 Subaru Impreza trying to switch into the left lane near Flushing Meadows Park about 12:35 a.m., police said.
    After striking the center median he veered back across three lanes, struck a guardrail and flipped his vehicle, slamming into a cement pillar supporting the elevated Van Wyck Expressway, cops said.
    The car burst into flames and it took firefighters half an hour to extinguish the blaze and extract the passengers from the crumpled wreckage.
    Sports drinks, a basketball and a baseball mitt were strewn among the car’s shattered wreckage.

    The driver and his passenger, a 30-year-old Brooklyn man, were taken to Elmhurst Hospital where they both died minutes after arriving, officials said.
    Investigators determined the driver was going 107 mph in a 50 mph zone when he lost control, police said.
    No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

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    wow man...30 years old...that is too young...

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    wow. my condolences to friends and family. that is a terrible wreck and it is to bad that the car couldnt save them like the adds playing.

    thank you for posting Rage a reminder for us to take it to the track, and again my sympathies for the driver and passengers fellows.
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    My condolences to friends and family of all involved as well, it's very sad. To point, speed limits are posted for a purpose. I doubt very many cars will save you when doubling the speed limit in certain zones. We've had fatalities here where folks go way to fast on certain off ramps. Granted experience is a great help to negate, but gravity, and other elements can be deadly.
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    Such a shame. RIP

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    My thoughts are with their families, although this accident seems entirely preventable. There is no excuse for travelling that fast anywhere but on a track.
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    107mph in a 50 zone? WTF? People think they're invincible. Well, I have sympathy for all involved, with the exception of the driver.... and the passenger a little, who could have insisted he slow down. I'm just glad nobody else got hurt through his irresponsibility.

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    The fact of the matter is, he was traveling way to fast on a public road. The only person who can control the speed of their car the operator and his right foot. I understand both sides of the argument here. I, myself work in LE and have seen these things one too many times. At ProZach626, you are right, however your way of putting things are a little harsh and uncalled for. Again, I agree with you, we have people in our military, law enforcement, and many other occupations that die in vain in much worse ways. Doesnt change the fact that someone lost their life. No matter how long I do my job, its hard not to feel some sympathy for the families and friends of the people lost, no matter the circumstances leading to it.

    That being said, slow down out there people. One accident like this, is one to many. It was preventable and it is entirely the drivers negligence that ended him and his friend in the morgue. Although it is hard at times to feel sorry for people who do these things, my prayers and condolenses still go out to the families and friends of these two men.
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    i've cleaned up this thread. lets not be disrespectful. we lost a member of our community (regardless of who/what/when/where/why). if you "dont give a ****", feel free not to post in here.

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    Worthy to note, this happened near me and the owner/one of the victims was part of a local Subaru facebook group which I'm part of. Apparently the owner of the car was sitting in the passenger seat when this happened, that alone makes this much sadder than just a dude driving his own car too fast.

    We can all learn a lesson here, and that is, don't let your buddies test drive your car... and if you do, make damn sure they don't push it.

    I've heard more than one story that started and ended the same way.

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    saw this posted on the LISC page the other day. sad.

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    This is a sad story. I hope the young drivers see this.
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    man that is horrible! best wishes to family and friends
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    Even all wheel drive isn't going to make you invincible on the road. RIP. Glad no one else was hurt.

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