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This is a discussion on Looking for a suggestion within the Everyday Impreza Talk forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; So i bought my Factory (no mods) 2014 WRX on 3/5/2014 and i have about 3.3K on her. I have ...

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    Looking for a suggestion

    So i bought my Factory (no mods) 2014 WRX on 3/5/2014 and i have about 3.3K on her. I have already done an oil change at 1700 miles and I babies her for the 2K. I mean BABIED. Not over 3k rpms for the first 500miles and not over 4.5k rpms before 2k.

    I recently noticed that my car seems a little temperamental. Most days the cars performance is normal. Responsive. Fun. Every thing seems to be like how a car should be. And some days its kinda sluggish. Boost doesn't seem to be spooling as strong and as aggressive as normal. But then a day or so goes by and its "factory normal". Although once in awhile.... this is when its a real treat. All of sudden its the complete opposite. MONSTER from start up! Pulls like a its a 400hp beast. And doesn't quit. Also for a day or so.

    Now I initially wanted to blame freak of nature (literally). ITs a little cooler out or the sun isn't shining and its over cast so theres no overly heated saturated parts. Or its night time... But it happens whenever it feels. Hot/Cool Day/night doesn't matter. It will perk up or be sluggish on its own.

    Now this isn't often occurrence by any means but often enough to be noticed. SO i was wondering if anyone else has had anything similar to this. I want to get an oil change in the next 2-3 weeks so when i go in for service i have an idea how to describe my issue to the tech a little better or possibly have suggestions from some of my fellow WRXers(?)... Anyways like always any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance anyone who took the time to read this mess.

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    I think you're just used to the car. If you still think something is wrong, either log it or take it back to the dealer.
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