Hey guys, so I am not sure if any of you have heard of this company before. Their website is gotboostinc.com. Just got my taxes back yesterday and wanted to order my stage 2 parts. I usually deal with rallysportdirect, as their customer service is always excellent and they ship fast. But I have never heard of this got boost inc place. And ill admit i was a little worried about ordering from a company ive never heard anything about. So i decided to call them and see what they were about and give them a chance as they had the best prices on anything, plus free overnight shipping on the accessport.

When i called i couldnt get an answer, but shortly after that received a text stating that i could text that number for help. So i did, and whoever i was texting was awesome to say the least. Our conversation through text was at least an hour long, maybe two. When it came down to it, i ordered all my parts from them, woke up this morning with 2 tracking numbers, one for the exhaust and stuff, the other for the accessport. And sure enough he stuck to his word saying that my accessport would be here today bc its on the truck out for delivery.

Also, when i ordered my catback invidia, i got 10% off on it, plus a 40 dollar in store credit for my next purchase. They let me split my order and use that to knock 40 bucks off of my downpipe. Plus sent me a code for 20 dollars off my next purchase. Sorry about this rant guys, just overall an awesome experience dealing with these guys and thought i would share with the community here. Two thumbs up and hats off to these guys for great customer service and excellent pricing.