Hello all,
I'm new to this forum and to the WRX. I just purchased a 2004 WRX STI and discovered major rust on everything under the front of the car. This car has suffered the wrath of 10 winters on the heavily salted New England roads. There is major rust on all components and frame members and some of it is so bad that I'm afraid that the strength of the part has been compromised. Most of the bolts and nuts that attach things together are so corroded that I doubt they can even be remove without breaking them off, IF you could even get a socket head or wrench on them. I'm really sad to see all this and it makes me mad too. It's so bad that the oil pan is leaking oil through a pin hole in the corrosion. My question is this: Should I just cut my losses and sell the car before I end up with a project from hell or should I just calm down and start working of sourcing replacement parts for all the seriously corroded components and frame members? Are all the frame members "bolt on" and replaceable or is everything on the frame down there permanent and I'd be looking at a bunch of welding to replace anything, if it was even possible?? It's only got 75000 miles on it and the rest of the car is in good shape and it runs great, so I'm willing to put some work in on if it can be saved. Any information you folks could provide regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.