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Wow. OP asked a simple question and, instead of answers, gets vetted on his motive. It doesn't matter why he wants it, just that he does. If you can't help than why respond? BTW, I can't help, either...

For those who don't like techno aids, how do you feel about fuel injection? Really, if you're so into the experience shouldn't you be adjusting carbs instead? How about power steering or, better yet, AWD? Most hotshoes I'm aware of think RWD is the only way to go and AWD is for those who can't manage "real" driving. Anyone who responds with "Rally car this... Rally car that...", show us your relevant experience. Unless you drive Pikes or something like it, don't bother.

This reminds me of one responder in a post I made who said something like: "Cruise control is a recipe for disaster!".
Because rally car!