proven! simple mods=gas milage
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    proven! simple mods=gas milage

    First loooong road trip since purchasing my 02 wagon. 434 plus miles down between last night and today with another 150 to go. Hi from maple wood state park, Minnesota! But! With a turbo inlet(godspeed) timc replacement(mishimoto) a brand new front o2 sensor and various repairs to the motor since purchasing and whala! Average after sale 22-24. Today, 29-31mpg. At eighty fish mph lol. What a drive! Almost the hole state of north Dakota the long way on one tank of gas. I'm floored, even the wife is amazed. The wagon is loaded for camp and training, basicly four people of weight. Just my way of saying thanks to all the help from the club members! You guys n gals Rawk!
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    Sweet! The little things can really make a difference!
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    Well, not to rain on your parade, but it's mostly down to keeping going at a reasonable speed, without stopping and therefore accelerating again. I got 27-29 on a long road trip...
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    when i had my 2.0 with the vf 48 and supporting stuff i regularly got 350-375 miles per tank cruising ~75 ish.

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    My best mileage was 33mpg going through Provo canyon on highway 6 down to Moab! I was amazed how well it did... Especially with it being a 2.5 and a/c blowing the majority of the time... But cruise control does wonders for road trip fuel efficentcy!
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