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This is a discussion on Do you miss your old car? within the Everyday Impreza Talk forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; 98 Tacoma extended cab. 2.7L 4-cyl. 3" suspension lift, mud terrains, etc. Awful gas mileage, sllloooww, had to pull the ...

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    98 Tacoma extended cab. 2.7L 4-cyl.
    3" suspension lift, mud terrains, etc.

    Awful gas mileage, sllloooww, had to pull the shifter 6 metric miles in between shifts...

    But. Best dang truck ever made. Loved every minute of driving it, in fact, learned to drive on it.
    Only reason its gone now is because one of toyota's factory recalls claimed her soul due to frame rust.

    It'll always have a place in my heart.
    2009 WRX Hatch, WR Blue
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    There are certain things about each of my previous vehicles that I miss. The most recent was my 04 pearl white limited explorer. I miss the sound of the V8 accented by a mild flowmaster exhaust and the custom stereo system. Before that was my 88 turbo targa supra. The sounds of the 3.0L straight six with true 3" turbo back exhaust and a turbo that sounded like it was capable of eating a small child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 06wrx4me View Post
    I will miss the WRX when the day comes. But I wont miss not having a hatch, the factories horrible tuning, worse factory understeer than a FWD, its rattles, the 5MT.
    Is it weird that I actually prefer a little understeer in my car??? I feel way more comfortable with the predictability of understeer than oversteer.

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    Do I miss my old WRX? Nope, not one bit. I'm nothing but ecstatic that it's no longer in my driveway.
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    I traded in my Red 2010 JEEP Wrangler Unlimited Sport Soft Top 4x4 @ 52K miles (still had the original tires and brake pads with more wear to go), to get my 2013 WRB WRX Premium Sedan...missed her on the those heavy duty snow days, when I wanna go out on my favorite snowy/dirt/muddy or unmaintained roads for some fun...or dropping her top and taking the door offs, like I would do with these the recent warm days we've had here in the NE....BUT when I'm out and about with my WRX, sunroof open, and all the windows down, and having that WRX power at my right foot...I smile and kinda forget about the JEEP
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    i missed my 97 3000 gt vr4
    sold because i insurance was like 280/month

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProZach626 View Post
    Is it weird that I actually prefer a little understeer in my car???
    No. Understeer is correct.
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    Yup. I miss my wagon.
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    2006 Toyota Solara - (first car- got it before I got my license) yes I miss it...good times....and bad times. Car got totalled by a guy, who T-Boned my car going 65 mph at full force. My dad was driving it that day. Car was obviously totalled, but my dad did not have a single scratch on him. Dad did not sue the other guy.

    1992 Toyota Previa- this car has been in our family forever until I hit an on-coming car on a bridge while I was delivering pizzas. Accident was due to snowstorm. I got sued by the other guy..

    This van had about 482K miles and was running really good. I kinda miss it. Again, good times.

    2003 Toyota Sienna- fully loaded- dont miss it. I hate driving soccer mom cars around. I shared this with my dad. He drives this currently.

    2001 or 2002 Chevrolet Express 1500 (CARGO van)- I FREAKING MISS THIS THING. This was my DD. Yes, i took this to college campus. This was the perfect van during the winter. I would pack all my friends and snowboarding/skiing gear in the back and ahead up to the mountains. We still own this van. Need to sell it ASAP.

    2011 WRX: Best purchase ever. I will never forget this car.
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    I miss my 1967 rs/ss camaro 396 big block

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    May 2013
    90 Honda CRX - First car bought it new. Drove until 99 then gave to my sister when she went to college.
    99 Toyota 4Runner - Bought it with 0.7 miles on it. Now 115k miles. Still have it and no plan of selling it.
    13 WRX - Picking it up this week. Will be my daily driver. Will keep the 4Runner in the drive way.
    I miss the CRX. It was a fun little car. I was sad when my sister told me she sold it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasontee1 View Post
    I miss my 1967 rs/ss camaro 396 big block
    Yikes. I miss it too, and I never owned it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rajalucy View Post
    i missed my 97 3000 gt vr4
    sold because it was an incredibly heavy pig and very unreliable
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    '86 POS Subaru GL sedan - nope. Complete POS, not streetable. Bought to win a bet, went to a junker for $50

    '89 CRX - god yes. I miss that lil thing. Granted, it was 1/2 POS, 1/2 money pit, but not only was it a blast to drive, quick for what it was, and have great milage, but it was my first car after my license, so it was the freedom object. I would gladly take one that was in good condition.

    '05 Scion tC - meh. It was a good car, but really nothing special. It was cheap on maintenance, but it was not really economical or that practical.
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    I've had too many cars to list them all, but I do miss the following:

    1992 240SX Coupe (blacktop SR20, Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust, Blitz BOV [fun in an immature kind of way], Silvia front end). This was my favorite car and I kept it long after I stopped driving it. I found massive body damage under a body kit installed by the previous owner - lesson learned. I did the swap and all of the work myself. Still miss this car years later.

    2004 Nissan XTerra SE. This truck was great and was in practically mint condition. I probably would still be driving this if the heater core hadn't exploded. The timing was bad because I had nowhere to repair the truck and it would have cost too much to pay someone else to fix it. So it was traded for a 2009 Honda Fit, which I hated.

    1972 Datsun 240Z. This was technically my first car. However, I never got to drive it. I plunged head first into a ground up restoration when I was 15. Needless to say, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and the car ended up going to a family friend who had more experience with these things.

    I had a 2006 WRX wagon a couple cars back. I honestly don't miss it particularly much. I always wanted a sedan. So, I replaced it with a 2011 GTI (go figure), which I also can't honestly say I miss.

    I like my 2013 sedan just fine but I don't think it will be a car that I have fond memories in the same way as the 240SX (the girl that got away, I suppose). I will love it and drive it like it is meant to be driven and then I will move on.

    (sent from my phone)

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