2001 Impreza RS 2.5 buy
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    2001 Impreza RS 2.5 buy

    Im looking at getting a 2001 impreza rs 2.5 to eventually do an sti swap on it, but for now just drive it stock, is there anything important to look for on these, and what to watch out for? I am looking at 1 that has high miles, but has had the trans replaced (stock, w. lower miles), clutch (stock clutch I believe), timing belt, pulleys, head gaskets all done, should I be looking for somethihng else as well besides the normal things like brakes, suspension, rust, etc. just need info on mechanical issues for those years and models. He also said he is a technician at a subaru dealer and its at the shop. but let me know. thanks

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    If your planning on swapping, the engine/transmission health may not matter to you. However, I would still get a compression/leakdown test done on the motor. A major weakness on the first-gen 2.5L NA motors was head gasket failure. Ensure that the car doesn't display signs of early head-gasket failure.
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    It depends on how fast you're looking to swap. The big rust spots are usually under the battery, the rockers and the in the fender wells.
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    check suspension control arms and stuff like that... got pretty screwed wen i got mine >.<

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