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This is a discussion on GAS - High Octane Truth or Myth? within the Everyday Impreza Talk forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Cooler intake charge retards detonation - bad advice though because you get more boost. Also, they say you can run ...

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    Cooler intake charge retards detonation - bad advice though because you get more boost.

    Also, they say you can run lower octane at high elevation - I have never seen it work in a boosted impreza though.
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    Thanks for the clarification guys
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    Good input thanks. I had mostly been running 89 but I will definitely start to run 91 after reding this. The savings at the pump is not worth it plus I thought I was ok at 89 but if the computer is still compensating then 91 it is
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    I used to have a firebird and camaro 6cyl.. and always used 94 sunoco and when i got the WRX stayed with it.... with gas prices going up i decided to drop the octane.. big mistake.. i can't prove "plus" was the problem but I never had an issue with the emmisisons until recently.. (in another thread i have detailed that).. anyway.. i noticed that with normal driving i went down to less than 300 miles on a tank (not scientific but generally consistant).. where as on super i always got over 320miles on a tank.. my last trip all highway for about 400 miles on shell v-power 93 and I got 396 miles on a single tank even driving over the west virginia mountains.. on the way back about 365 miles.. so im pretty sure that it makes a difference. now with the gov wanting to go to 15% ethanol.. i'm wondering if it will revert back to less mileage..
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    I get 400+ miles per rank on 91.
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    I get 220 on 93.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SD_GR View Post
    I get 400+ miles per rank on 91.
    Do you do driving lessons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UEDan View Post
    Do you do driving lessons?

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