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This is for those looking into installing a turbo timer, but don't have the HKS turbo timer harness yet. it only takes some supplies and about 15 minutes to make the harness. I hope someone saves some money due to this pretty simple mod.

It helps to have 5 different colors of 16 gauge wire. So stop by AutoZone or [insert supply shop here], and grab:
Red wire
Yellow wire
Blue wire
Green wire
White wire
Electrical tape
Female spade connectors
Flat head/ male connectors
these kind \/

parts all laid out \/

I didn’t have white so I substituted it with blue where applicable.

To remove the under dash plastic trim, remove two screws and one plastic screw in which the opened door will expose. Pull the thing strait out.
Crawl under the dash and locate the blue connector. Disconnect it, leaving a female side and a male side. Follow the diagrams to install your new homemade HKS-like turbo timer harness.

Here is the diagram, I can't figure out how to post it here.

The boxes in the diagram are broken down by lefts and rights, the left represents the car wire or whatever, and the right is the connection to the harness you just made.

then hook everything else back up. A handy and stealthy spot I chose was the coin/fuse tray on the left.